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Lets get talking about diversity within the Scottish cycling community

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“What do we think about the Major Taylor story? Or the work of oragnisations like the Soul Riders? Do we need more diversity in Scottish cycling? What can be done to promote that?”

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    Question 1 - #theafrowegian is all about engaging with you. How interesting did you find the story of Major Taylor?

    The Afrowegian says - "Thanks for your answer. I found his story both interesting and inspiring."

    Q2 - How relevant do you think the Major’s story is to people in Scotland today?

    The Afrowegian says - "Thanks. I believe the Major’s story is relevant to anyone who feels they don’t have a voice in Scottish society."

    Q3. How diverse and inclusive is cycling in Scotland?

    The Afrowegian says - "I give it a pass mark C but must do better."

    Q4 - I’d like to know what you think we need to be prioritising to improve diversity and inclusion around cycling in Scotland?

    The Afrowegian says - "Thanks for your answer. Well for me visibility is everything - You can’t be it if you can’t see it!."

    Q5 - Last question. How important is having allies when working to improve diversity and inclusion in cycling in Scotland?

    The Afrowegian says - "Thanks for your answer. I believe that improving things will require intentional, positive, conscious effort just like Major Taylor’s white allies ‘Birdie’ Munger and Arthur Zimmerman."

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    Thanks for taking the time to get involved in this conversation. Your comments will feed into a podcast I’m planning for later this month. If you’re happy to share your email, I’ll keep you posted. As a special treat for sharing with me here’s some content I’ve created shining a light on allyship in some of the moments within ‘Major’ Taylor’s life.

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    You can’t be it, if you can’t see it!